New Facelift 2011 Techniques

Not ready to go under the knife and get a new facelift 2011 procedure? If you’re worried that your lines are showing but not sure if going under the knife for surgery is a good idea, then you should be happy to know that more and more plastic surgeons are introducing and using new facelift techniques that do not require invasive surgery. This article will introduce you on two of the most common alternative face lift procedures that are now being used by most plastic surgeons.

Mild Face Procedure
This new facelift procedure leaves you with very little scars. A mid face procedure means that it focuses on the middle regions of the face — the eye, nose, and mouth areas. This is perfect if you would like to rejuvenate your cheeks and eyelids because this procedure elevates the cheekbones, making it fuller. The doctor will only be making very small incisions at the temple area to elevate the tissues. Since the incisions will be very small, the procedure will leave very little to no scars at all, and recovery time will be much shorter that a regular facelift procedure. Therefore, if you are seeking for an effective but less invasive facelift 2011 technique, then might as well try this new innovation in facial lifting.

Liquid Face Lift
Another new facelift technique is the liquid face lift. This is perfect if you would like a procedure done on your face that doesn’t require the use of anesthesia and only takes twenty minutes of your time. Basically, the doctor will only be injecting liquid under the skin. This liquid acts as a catalyst in this revolutionized facelift 2011 procedure by enhancing the collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. The number of injections and the amount of liquid to be injected will depend on the patient’s needs. There is no need for you to worry about a thing since the needle that the doctor will be using is very thin, so it will virtually be painless and after the twenty-minute procedure, you will be able to go home and do your regular daily routines.

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